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Hello Readers Heybiz is already known to all of us and its diwali offers time so heybiz is introducing new offer for all of us.

Update : Heybiz crossed 50K downloads so now they are offering double reward points. You will get 20 points i.e Rs.20 instead of Rs.10 now.

 How To Earn Freebies & Free Recharge In Heybiz App :
  • Create New Account & Verify your Mobile Number. 
There are totally 3 to 4 ways to earn unlimited from the heybiz application but i will explain you some of the easiest way to earn lots of from this.
  • Go to Near By Box
  • Click on any of the Services.
  • Now Click on the "HEART BUTTON" on the right side corner as soon as possible.
  • Follow this steps daily to earn more rewards from this.
 How To Earn Unlimited Via Sharing HeyBiz Application :
  • Click on Menu Button from Right Sight.
  • Click on SHARE TO FRIENDS.
Unlimited Trick :

1. Uninstall the application from your device.

2. Change the 'IMEI'.

3. Change 'Android ID'.

4. Change 'Google Advertising ID'

5. Open DonkeyGuard app 
                 Change the following options value...

     ( a ) Your Browser Value (Chrome , Browser , etc.)

    ( b ) Now change 'Google Play Store' value.

After that open your own link in your default Browser and download HeyBiz app again and register with a new number.

After verification of number you can see a popups window like that Your friend 'XYZ' Register with HeyBiz and you earned 20 points which you can use to recharge with Rs.20 again.

Do it as much as possible.Enjoy and keep reading


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