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Free Unlimited Idea 3g UP (E), others try (VPN and FILES ADDED)

 its working flawlessly in UP east since many months! Try for your states..

1)Install OpenVPN.
2)Download the given attachment, extract it and paste it in the config folder of OpenVPN ie C:/Program Files/OpenVPN/config in case of Windows 32 bit and C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenVPN/config in case of 64 bit.
3)Connect with Idea's MMS APN: mmsc
4)Run OpenVPN as administrator.
5)Now connect with 'morpheus' and have fun!

*unlimited, Torrents are supported, Ad free, for resumable downloads use any working http proxy in IDM, as resume is not supported by the VPN provider!

Download VPN From Here :

Download Config File From Here :

Put this as HTTP proxy in IDM for resume:, port 8080.
I'm getting reasonable speeds with this proxy. For more proxies visit Search for US proxies for YouTube downloads.


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    1. hallo tamato soup blogger...
      can you plz give me idea trick for up east state.
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  4. broooooo plzz hellllllllllllp
    itz nt working in up....
    i av spend 1000z of rs in 3g networkss....
    n i am fed up of it
    i rly want a hACK
    m from up moradabad

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  6. Check US proxies here: USA Proxy Servers

    ​​Should using fresh and unblack listed proxy servers. Im high recommended using socks or SSH port forwarding.
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