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How to Know your PAN Card Number if You Missed/Lost PAN Card

PAN is mandatory for filing income tax returns,tax deduction at source, new bank account, new telephone / mobile phone SIM, purchase of foreign
currency, bank deposits above Rs.
50,000/=, purchase and sale of immovable properties, vehicles etc.

But what will happen if you have lost your PAN card and you need it badly ? Or what will you do if you need your PAN card number urgently and
you don't find it?

Here is a solution for you. Yes,
you can know your PAN card number without having it with you. Follow the steps carefully

How to know PAN card Number :
1) Visit this site
2) Then fill the required details appropriately
3) Finally Click on Submit button
You have done it. You will get your PAN card
number on next screen. Now use it as your need.


  1. Thanks for sharing the process to get your pan card number from the web. if you are missed your pan card or lost

    apply for lost pan card


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