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WeChat Offers Again Free Recharge Rs150


Offer will starts tomorrow 1st September 

1st sep to 10 sep just do a free voice call or video call for minimum 1minute.
11 sep to 20 sep Just send a sticker every day to any Group Chat having a minimum of 3 friends at least once a day.

You can win a maximum of Rs.150 and a minimum of Rs.10 by participating in the offer. The more the number of days you participate, the more the recharge you can win.
Depending on the date you start participating in the Friends n Rewards program, you’ll get an initial balance between Rs.10 to Rs 150/- If you continue to participate in rewards program and keep doing activity on the all days henceforth, you’ll get the recharge amount equivalent to your initial joining recharge balance.
In case you miss a day, your recharge balance would be deducted as per the table below. Activity Days Joining recharge balance Daily deduction on non completion of activity.
1-Sep 10rs.
2-Sep 10rs.
3-Sep 10rs
4-Sep 10rs
5-Sep 10rs
6-Sep 10rs
7-Sep 10rs
8-Sep 10rs
8-Sep 10rs
9-Sep 10rs
10-Sep 10rs
11-Sep 5rs
12-Sep 5rs
13-Sep 5rs
14-Sep 5rs
15-Sep 5rs
16-Sep 5rs
17-Sep 5rs
18-Sep 5rs
19-Sep 5rs
20-Sep 10rs


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