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Airtel 3G Unlimited Download NO Unknown Balance Deduction

I know your data balance deducts when vpn come inactive,

I will give you solution....

1. First Go to Network and sharing and select your modem as home network.

2. Goto firewall settings and click on Advanced settings

3. Select Inbound rules from left side

4. Create New rule, and select program and then click next

5. Now select idmman.exe from C:/ and then click Next

6. Now select " Allow the connection " and then click next

7. Now unmark the " Public "

8. Now name it as IDM or what ever u want.

Now click finish

You need to do same thing with " Out bound rules ".

Now when you start download with your airtel 3g modem it says you can't download

When you connect with vpn and start the download it start's downloading.

So when vpn get's inactive, your main account balance or mb's of left on your account wont be deducted!

You must see the two adapters like this, else it wont work.

Select " Tap adapter as public network "

Note: This wont work with HSS and expat sheild.


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